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 Decal prop,Gift $15~$24,Gift $25~$50,Making materials

Retro storage tray in round iron, unique Phnom Penh design, vintage look and durable features, can be used for storage trays, trays, bread and fruit.

The iron process is not stainless steel. Although it has an anti-oxidation coating, it should be used with care. It should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. The washing pH must be between 11 and 11.5. If it is scratched, it can be lightly polished with toothpaste. If you have tea stains, you can wash them with lemon juice or vinegar.

Item name: Round tray, metal tray, decorative tray
STended, shabby, distressed
DEsign: Round tray with handles
Disc type: flat
Round shape
Material: Iron Crafts
Size: s-diameter 20 * 20 cm, height 2.2 cm, l-diameter 30 * 30 cm, height 3 cm
Application: home, church, wedding, party, cafe, kitchen
Usage: home serving tray, decoration tray

Note: iron craft products are purely handcrafted. Due to different methods and lots, there will be uneven color in the products.20190214_200336_01520190214_200336_01620190214_200336_01720190214_200336_01820190214_200336_01920190214_200336_02020190214_200336_02120190214_200336_023  

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