Crystal Epoxy Solid Geometry Bear Mold

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Material: Food Grade Silicone

Product use: DIY hand-made glue mold

       No grinding, high transparency, high mirror effect, make DIY more fun.

    Dear, there is a spot model now, you can contact customer service for a large amount.

The production steps are as follows:
Main material: mold ab glue measuring cup
Tools required: disposable gloves, disposable chopsticks, disposable cups
Production steps:
Step 1: Prepare what you need [ab glue, mold, disposable gloves, chopsticks, cup, toothpick, measuring cup
Step 2: Prepare the Sesame
Step 3: Pour the ab glue into a paper cup according to the ratio of 3: 1.
Step 4: Stirring the Substitute
Step 5: Method 1: Pour the ab glue into the mold, and use a toothpick to dip the color into the mold where the glue has been dripped.
Step 6: Following method 1: you can draw some simple patterns with a toothpick, and only a small drop of color essence is needed
Step 7: Method 2: If you want to put flowers in the finished product, first pick the flowers and dry them for a day or two, put the dried flowers into the mold, drop a small layer of glue to fix the flowers, and wait for the flowers to fix Refill the mold

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