Cartoon embroidery cloth stickers

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How to use cloth

Pressing type:

1. Keep the back clean before ironing, and adjust the temperature to suit the clothes according to the usage of the iron.
2, put the cloth on the appropriate position (do not tear the glue), perm a few times back and forth, stay about 15 seconds can be.
3, in order to prevent hot damage, you can stick a layer of thin cotton cloth on the mat (must be cotton oh, can not be faded cloth). After ironing, check the edge to see if it is well ironed.
4, had better decide the temperature according to decal thickness, thicker, must be a little higher temperature, hot time a little longer. For particularly thick cloth, can be on the back of a few more per

5, special attention: for the cloth with sequins or relatively bright surface (because sequins are plastic products) must be a layer of cloth and ironed at a low temperature (below 150℃), or directly use steam iron. Or put a damp cloth over it. In case the temperature is too high, the plastic sheet will melt.
6, hot, with a needle and thread in the edge of the cloth seam a few stitches, so it will be more firm, but also more adhere to.
7, there is no iron in the home, also can use the same color line to stick cloth to sew on the dress directly.
8, pay attention to some light down jacket, rainproof fabric, leather, long wool, fur, etc., hot on the effect is not particularly good, the best is hot on, and then sew it!



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