Car air freshener and tea light candle set

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 Gift $25~$50,Hanging diffusers,Ornaments

Car air freshener and tea light candle set.

Custom lettering
-Please note in the "Special instructions for seller" space.
ex) Merry Christmas 00000 /Happy New Year 00000 / I love you  00000 / etc.

Tea lights are random and matched according to the concept of the ribbon color.
Tea light container shape and fragrance are not selectable.

- 1 x Car Hanging Air Freshener Container
- 1 x Diffuser liquid 20ml
- 6 x Tealight Candle
- 1 x Clear lid gift box
- 1 x box ribbon
- 1 x custom lettering

These are made to order. I will make these within 24 hours of ordering and ship them within 48 hours. Completely refillable and reusable. Made of Glass and Natural Wood.

The hanging/car diffusers hold about .25 OZ of Fragrance.

These are perfect gifts for anyone. You can hang them anywhere. Great for cars, closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

To Use:

1) unscrew the wooden lid and *carefully* remove the plastic stopper

2) screw the wooden lid back on

3) tip the bottle for a few seconds to allow the fragrance to saturate the wooden lid
PLEASE NOTE: how long you tip it for will determine the scent strength. The longer you tip it the stronger the scent

4) securely tie it to your rear view mirror and enjoy, to ensure it doesn’t swing around while driving we recommend tying it higher up

Hanging Diffusers- will arrive with small plunger to seal for shipping. When you are ready to use your hanging diffuser, gently twist off cap, remove the small plunger and replace the cap. Flip diffuser upside down to allow the fragrance to soak into the wood for about one minute. Careful when handling, as if you leave it upside down for too long it can spill.

WARNING: Avoid over-saturating the wooden lid and keep the plastic stopper in place to prevent spillage. Failure to follow these instructions could result in damage to some surfaces. Wipe all spills immediately and keep out of reach of children and pets.

Shipping & Pick up