12 Box Box Nail Dry Flower Jewelry

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Product Name: Dried Nail Flower Ornaments (All flowers are dyed, each batch will have color difference, which is normal)


Product size: 5 * 13cm (small) 7 * 14cm (large)

Nail Dried Flowers 1 Box,
Nail Dried Flowers Five Petals 1 Box,
Nail snowdrop flower 1 box,
12 grid Japanese style dried flower mix,
12 grid 12 color big dried flower Zou Ju,
12 grid Zou Ju with leaves,
12 grid beautiful cherry tree + Zou Ju with leaves,
Dried flower coral flower,
12 grid Japanese style dried flowers (for packaging),
12 grids of 24 needles chrysanthemums,
12 grid Zou Ju with 24 leaves,
12 grid snowdrop flowers with 24 leaves,
Snowdrop flowers mixed colors 28 dried flowers,

24 hydrangeas

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