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COVID-19 Updates - Canadapost : @+ 3~7days / UPS : @+ 2~4days
FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL ORDERS OF CAD$75 (reg.CAD$150) : only Canada & US

COVID-19 Updates


As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we’ve committed to additional measures to safeguard our employees and meet the needs of Lunant shop customers.


We have lifted the limited shopping window as our warehouse backlog clears are are excited to be able to serve our community without major restrictions.
Our carriers are still experiencing delays. Orders will take longer than average to reach you once they leave our warehouse.
Limits on quantities of essential items remain in place for the time being.


Frequent hand washing and sanitizing.
Enforced social distancing across the fulfillment centre.
Health screening and temperature checks before employees begin their shifts.
Frequent disinfection of tools and surfaces.
Mandatory face masks.


Mandated all non-essential staff to work from home.
Committed to pay continuity in the case that an employee is quarantined or ill.
Provided access to free virtual physician services.


Be Patient. All orders, regardless of contents, are subject to delay during this unprecedented time. You will be proactively notified by email as soon as your order is shipped.

Canada Post: It usually takes 3~7 days more than the schedule. This schedule is subject to change.

UPS: It usually takes 2~4 days more than the fixed schedule. This schedule is subject to change.

Explore Alternatives. Where your "usual" brand of product is unavailable, be open to other/new brands to try in its place.


To. Our Lunantshop Customers:
As Lunantshopnavigates through COVID-19, we’ve remained committed to maintaining clear lines of communication around our operations and the steps we continue to take as we work to ensure the safe fulfillment of products and services.

We value your trust and are committed to transparency. In the spirit of transparency, we are writing to share that earlier this week, we were informed that a small group of employees tested positive for COVID-19. These are the first and to date only cases of COVID-19 at Lunantshop. Since being contacted by the local health authority, these individuals have been in self-isolation. They will continue to do so until they receive appropriate medical clearance.

Our top priority remains the health and safety of our employees as they work to ensure you receive the important health and wellness products you need. Upon learning about the positive test results, we immediately initiated our COVID-19 response plan, that includes:

  • Our Warehouse is now open, as of Nov 9, 2020.
  • Contacting local public health agencies and working in cooperation with them on next steps.
  • Contacting all employees who worked with the individuals and offered appropriate support.

We are continuing to exercise the enhanced safety and sanitization practices we put into place in at the beginning of March, including:
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitization.
  • Enforced social distancing across the fulfillment centre.
  • Health screening and temperature checks before employees begin their shifts.
  • Frequent disinfection of tools and surfaces.
  • Continuation of pay to all employees who are in need to quarantine.
  • Last month we added the additional safety measure of mandatory face masks.

Our website remains open to taking orders and we appreciate your understanding in any delays in delivery times as a result of the actions outlined above.
We are grateful for the patience and support you have shown us since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, and we thank you in advance for your continued patience and understanding.

Thank you

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