Jewelry Air Fresheners with Rose Containers

wax ornament
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 Gift $25~$50,New Items,OBJECT,Ornaments

Jewelry air freshener : Total 80g~100g

Container (no scented) : 110g

 Room Freshener | Wax melts | Scented Sachet 
Everything is made of wax.

Great for home with kids and animals, very safe to use.
Wax sachets are easy to use. Simply put it in a closet or in a drawer to keep clothes fresh. you also can put it in wax melter to get more scent out of it or brake it to peaces.

These wax sachets are amazing gift for any occasion. If you're running a party or a wedding wax sachets can be a amazing favor for guests.

Please do not hold the sachet in direct contact with clothes and keep away from heated sources, do not place directly under the sun. The wax can become malleable at high temperature. Especially soy wax it has lower melting temperature

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