2021 Holyday Market schedule

Hello ~~~

Finally, the holiday market schedule is out !!!
Actualy, I was giving up this year, but somehow I had to spend December in one place.

With a schedule like this, you can apply for a variety of applications, but this time, we decided to sell only one place like this. I don't think you can go too multi place...

Actualy, The St.Alberta Farmers' Market's my first time going to this market, but I like it because it's the Enjoy Center.

The Enjoy Center is always hosting a large market, and we are well aware of the fear of Covid, so it is being held in a very large space.

It's so wide that it feels wide even when us fill it up...
But now this is right!!!!
For the safety of our customers and vendors,
It seems much safer than bumping into people when it's full.

The St.Alberta Farmers' Market is only open outdoors in the summer and indoors only during the Christmas season in the winter.

Lunante always has on-site sales at the market. (Only available on-site)

In this market, all of the previously unopened design products will be on display.
(So, I'm cleaning the floor with my dark circles )

Free entry and outdoor parking.
Come on out on the weekend
And please come to the Lunant booth and say hello~~~

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